~Sage~ Herb of the Week!

Sage2Names; Garden Sage, White Sage, Red Sage, Bear Sage ect.

Gender; Masculine

Planet; Jupiter

Element; Air

Powers; immortality, longevity, wisdom, protections, wishes.

Various types of Sage has been used by many cultures for many purposes throughout history.

Sage is used to bless an object, person, or place. It is also used even today to banish negative, unwanted spirits or energies in a home, work place, object or person.

In ancient folk magic Sage was carried to promote wisdom to the carrier, with just a few leaves. It has been used for countless healing spells and healings from various practitioners.  To make a wish come true, write it down on a sage leaf.. Sleep on this leaf for 3 nights, once you have dreamed of what you desire, your wish will then materialize. If it doesn’t materialize, bury the leaf so that no harm comes from it.

For medicinal purposes take a few leaves of sage and lightly chew on them, then apply to the cut of wound to stop the bleeding.


Please consult your doctor before comsuming


Written by; Lady Rose


Scott Cunningham & Paul Beyerl




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