Crystal Readings, what is it?


As some of our customers have seen and know we are now offering Crystal Readings at the shop by our very own Martine Babineau. Many have been asking and some of you may be wondering, what is a Crystal Reading? So we asked Martine to describe what a Crystal Reading is and what it’s about.

Martine describes her Crystal Readings simply. “Crystal Readings are an interactive divination method where you pick and place stones from a dedicated collection.  They are then interpreted based on which one is picked as well as how and where they are placed.”  By doing this Martine engages in a conversation with your higher self.  She continues with “this communication allows for an understanding of the issues that are impacting your life.   It also reveals guidance on how to navigate your immediate future.

Martine is offering her services here at Mystic Moons and the best way to get in touch with her to book is by email;

For those who love gemstones and crystals, this is a pretty awesome way to get a reading done.

Blessed Be! )O(


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Pine, lore, magic and use

Local foraged seems to be on the trendy climb as of late, however for this witch it was been something I has been doing for many many years.  Connecting with and walking the land in which I live have been a very important part of my everyday Magical practice; whether it’s on my own piece of land or wooded parks in the area. I have gone rummaging wherever I can go for the things I use on a daily basis and to search for new magical things our land offers, and one such thing is the Pine resin I wish to share with our customers here at the shop.

New Brunswick is rich in magic and mystery and we have the most amazing ingredients for our Magical/Spiritual work right here in our backyard.  Don’t get me wrong using other items that aren’t from here is good as well. But there is just something about connecting with the space we are in in this time.

The process in which the Pine resin we now carry in the shop was collected was to insure no harm came to the tree and not too much was taken from any one tree. We made sure that it was ethically sourced to the best of our ability and an offering of thanks was given at the end of each extraction.

Imagine you are awake at dawn, holding a tea or a coffee in your hands, the dew is heavy this morning and as you look out the window and across the yard you notice the luscious green needles sparkling with the rising of the sun. Pure magic and beauty is held in a single moment as you escape to your magical place. Pine trees are truly magical beings that have lent itself for the use of magic, medicine and symbolism throughout the ages and many countries. There is at least 120 different species of Pinus (a.k.a Pine) throughout the world. ¹“The latin word “Pinus” has its root meaning in the word “resin”.” But here in Southeast NB and specifically to the Greater Moncton area we have a few kinds ourselves. The ones I have collected from and will be writing about today are 1) White Pine Pinus resinosa, 2) Red Pine (Pinus virginiana), and 3) Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana).

Pine trees associate themselves with both Air and Fire Element, as its sacred smoke is used to purify and cleanse a new home and or area. The Iroquois tribes would burn pine to pacify ghosts and banish nightmares. The Nez Perce who are an Indigenous tribe from the Pacific Northwest United States, ²“long believed that the pine holds the secret of fire and guard the secrets very well.”  Its physical nature such as the wood is used for warmth and protection.  Pine is said to bring about health, abundance and prosperity and this is emanate with its Jupiter connections. Love, desire and strong emotions stem from its connection with the planet Mars, fire and warmth are one of its strong characteristics.

³“Groups of conifers, in particular pines, were often called the seven sisters. It was believed that six would flourish but the seventh one would die away, no matter how often it was replanted. A large part of pines symbolism is associated with fertility.”

The White Pine Pinus resinosa, is seen as a great symbol of peace. Do you remember as a child watching the heritage commercial of the Aboriginal man teaching the young one about peace and the legend of the tree? See the commercial here for old time sake

From this, wisdom and longevity has long been a symbol of the pine as well. As the great spirits of our land gave the people the wisdom to overcome war and suffering, and longevity so that the generation of people would survive, like the pine itself as it is known to be an old soul and a long lasting tree.

Magically it has been used as a counter active herb against evil energy, and returning it to the source. The resin is used as incense in attracting prosperity and abundance to the practitioner.  Purification rituals of any kind, helps the practitioner to “stay the course” during difficult times, alleviate your dark mood as you burn the resin during meditation, as it up lists and gives healing energy.

Personally I use the resin, bark and wood. I burn the resin for purifying my personal space and spells of prosperity. The bark I dry and grind up to mix in personal made incense/offerings to the Gods. Goddess associated with pine are Aphrodite, Artemis, Astarte, Cybele, Diana, Ishtar, Isis, Venus. Gods associated with pine are Altis, Bacchus, Dionysus, Pan and Mithra.  The wood I use in my bon fire for spells of protection and abundance, whether it is for my home or family. Pine to me is strongly connected with family and growth.

I give to you a little piece of how you can use Pine resin that is locally sourced from our backyard for your magical/spiritual cupboard.  Below is our source references in case you wish to obtain more information on the Pine.

Reference sources;
Sandra Kynes (Whispers from the Woods)
Paul Beyerl (Master Herbalism)
² Owlcation Blog (internet source)
¹, ³ Corinne Boyer (Under the Witching Tree)

Written by; Sarah Lady Rose
Photo original to Sarah Lady Rose
Taken locally in Moncton NB

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Announcing Winter Hours.

We would like to advise our customers that, starting January 1st. 2017 we will be going to Winter hours.  This means Mystic Moons will be closed on Sunday’s  and closing early on Wednesday’s.

Please note that this is temporary and we will resume regular hours starting back May 1st.

Thank you for your support and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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~New~ Website information for launch date.

Finally a date has been set to soft launch our website. As many of you have either seen or have been told this will occur on January 3rd. We are super excited to be offering this to our customers from near and afar.

We would like to let you all know that not ALL of our products will be displayed when the soft launch occurs on Jan 3rd. We will still be uploading and updating the site as we go to better serve you and to keep you in the know of whats happening for Classes and Events at the shop as well. This site will be the next level for us and will help you find things better and to keep up to date better as well. We ask for your patience while we work out the kinks for the first bit. Shouldn’t take us long to get the hang of things 🙂

A lot of work has gone into this and many thanks to Tairie from Red Dahlia Designs for all her hard work designing and implementing the graphics to our brand ~NEW~ site.  Tairie has been on the ground level of our graphics and marketing of Mystic Moons and we couldn’t have done it without her.  Thank you to Karee who has been helping me (Sarah) with many hours of data entry, another accomplishment that without her wouldn’t be able to happen.

Many changes coming for 2017 and we are excited to share them with you. Blessings


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Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow_Moonstone_Tumble__45100.1395591529.1280.1280Key Words: Optimism, Vitality, Inner Peace, Body of Light
Chakras: All
Element: Wind
Physical: Supports the Body in Overcoming Fatigue from Depression
Emotional: Inspires Enthusiasm, Self-Appreciation, Joy
Spiritual: Stimulates Awakening of the Rainbow Body of Light
Rainbow Moonstone is a Stone of Optimism. It energetically supports One during recovery from Depression, Anxiety and other emotional issues. It’s highly recommended for people suffering from Stress, and who have Old Emotional Wounds that need healing. It brings Vitality, Joy and Life Force. Also Inner peace, Harmony, Emotional Balance and Strength.
Like all other Moonstones, Rainbow Moonstone helps One connect with the phases of the Moon and to Goddess. This connection can also reach Nature Energies and Spirits. This Lunar connection helps Balance Hormones and Emotions.
Rainbow Moonstone helps activate and align all the Chakras, while also keeping One Grounded and Centred. It can also help One to See the Unseen and notice the Synchronicities all around. One of my favourite stones, anyone would benefit from some Rainbow Moonstone Energy in their lives 🙂

Written by Karee (Mystic Moons Employee)

Photo; internet source


Crystal Bibles 1-3 by Judy Hall

Pocket Book of stones by Robert Simmons

Enc. Of Gemstones by Melody

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~Selenite~ Stone of the Month!

mIhQjnzfgEC6UpkysjxSC-AKey Words: Spiritual Activation, Communion with the Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Angels

Chakras: Third Eye, Crown, Etheric

Element: Wind

Physical: Clearing Energy Blockages, Induces Inner Alignment, Facilitates Healing

Emotional: Inspires One to Release Insecurity and Reach for One’s Desires

Spiritual: Facilitates Auric Cleansing, Upper Chakra Activation, Spiritual Attunement

Selenite is one of the most useful stones to add to One’s collection. It works quickly to open One’s Upper Chakras, and Clear One’s Aura. It is considered one of the Strongest Amplifies of these Energies. When used in Meditation, Selenite lifts One’s awareness into the Higher Realms. It facilitates communication with Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and One’s Higher Self.

Like its Element, Wind, Selenite caresses you with its Energy even from a distance. It’s a calming stone bringing a sense of Peace into any environment. It is a Pure stone that releases only Positive Energy into One’s Home, and can be used to protect One’s personal space from outside influences.

Physically Selenite when placed on One’s Spine will help clear blockages and can help align the vertebra. Mentally it clears confusion and aids in seeing The Big Picture. It is also very useful in checking on One’s Souls progress though this and all lifetimes. It points out issues One is still working on and aids in finding resolution.

Selenite has the very unique ability to maintain is Energy, as well as Charge other crystals. One need never recharge Selenite. I keep all of my stones and crystal jewelry on and around my Selenite Tower. As well as Towers Big and Small, We have Selenite Spheres, Candle Holders, Wands, Rods, Hearts, and Tumbled Stones.


Written by Karee (Mystic Moons Employee)

Photo; internet source


Crystal Bibles 1-3 by Judy Hall

Pocket Book of stones by Robert Simmons

Enc. Of Gemstones by Melody

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Rough v Polished

       People RGS100often ask us here at the shop, “Which are better, tumbled/polished crystals or raw/rough ones?” In my opinion, they are equal, though they do have obvious differences that could make one better suited to your personal needs. Do you want to carry it with you, wear it as jewelry, or simply place it on your mantle at home? I will do my best to explain the differences and the similarities of these two options here 🙂
            First of all, the polishing process. Here is a link to a YouTube video (one of many) that shows how most stones are tumbled. Art of Stone Tumbling & Polishing
         Basically one would mimic what mother nature does every day. Naturally polished stones are all over our beaches and are simply created when the tides come in and out, tumbling the stones over each other along with gritty sand and such.
          Some softer stones need a more delicate process, and some, such as Malachite, are highly toxic and are only available in polished form. If you ever decide to try tumbling your own stones, please do your research and be sure that you are being safe. Even non toxic stone dust is not something you would want to inhale. Be Safe 🙂
          Polished stones have some obvious conveniences, such as portability. They can easily be carried around in pockets or even bras, Yes many Women do this, or used as worry stones (a smooth stone you would rub between your fingers to help calm your mind, emotions, and to ground yourself).
         Rough stones work better for Gem Water, a process in which you would place stones into water, leave them for a time and then drink said water in order to absorb those stones energies. The same can be done with polished stones, only you would place them next to your water, and not into it. This is also how you would use a toxic or more delicate stone to charge your water. Again, if you decide to try this process, do your research. Some stones, such as selenite, are highly toxic and would make you very ill if you were to consume any part of them.
Check out the book Gem Water for more details on making your own. For sale here at the shop 😉
          One of the biggest differences between Rough v Polished is that a good portion of the Polished stones you purchase from any shop have a chemical coat on them. The shinier and prettier the stone the more chemical they had to use to get the stone Polished. While there are some stones that their natural beauty comes out when you Polish them and they do not need any help from man to enhance their features. Where as a Rough stone is untouched from which it came. Some of them are not especially pleasing to look at and for this some people go to the Polished. This is why its very important to do your research before drinking any gem water that is made with tumbled and rough stones.
          So the real question is, does this process alter the stones at an energetic level? I personally do not believe that it does, however others have stated that they can access the energy more easily from a rough stone. Other’s may argue that stones are more beautiful in their natural state. Beauty, of course, is a personal opinion. I, as many do, find both rough and polished stones beautiful, each in their own unique way.
           I have many of each type of stone in my collection, as well as clusters and jewelry. I carry some with me most days, and use them at home to meditate. Crystals are a wonderful, beautiful and simple way to bring powerful energies into your life. Do yourself a favour, and pick up a crystal, spend some time with it, and let it improve your life.
          At the end of the day, if the stone be it Rough or Polished will pick you and you it, as it will call to you in the time that it is needed. You be the judge on which is better suited for you, as it is different for everyone.
Written by Karee (Mystic Moons)
Edited by; Sarah Lady Rose
Photo’s; Internet Source
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~Everything Guide to Angels~ Book of the Month!

51gf706EtgL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Discover the wisdom and healing power of the Angelic Kingdom by Karen Paolino, CHT, ATP

Angels are everywhere–if you’ll only just listen. Open your heart to them, and you invite miracles of love and support into your life. In this inspiring and reassuring guide, you’ll learn to communicate with these heavenly messengers, and call upon them for counsel and consideration. Clairvoyant Karen Paolino, trained by angel expert Doreen Virtue, also teaches you how to:


– Develop your divine intuition

– Use meditation to connect with angels

– Gain protection, healing, and forgiveness from the angels

– Perform Angel Card readings

Featuring special sections on the history and hierarchy of angels, their individual roles as messengers and protectors, and real life examples of angel miracles, The Everything Guide to Angels is all you need to appeal to the angels for love, support, and guidance – each and every day!

Karen Paolino, CHT ATP has integrated her training in medium ship, Angel Therapy, and hypnotherapy with her gifts as a clairvoyant spiritual counselor and teacher. She is a graduate of Doreen Virtue’s intensive Angel Therapy certificate program. Paolino has the ability to communicate and connect with angels and loved ones in the spirit world to express and deliver their healing, loving messages. She lives in Abington, MA.


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~Hiddenite~ Stone of the Month!

0003798_hiddenite-specimensInterpersonal Love, Heart Healing, Rediscovering the Joy of Relationships

Chakras: Heart

Element: Water

Physical: Supports the Heart and Hormonal System

Emotional: Stimulates the Emotional Body, Encourages Joy, Bliss and Love

Spiritual: Teaches the Spiritual Lesson of Gratitude and Abundance

Hiddenite is a very powerful Heart Stone. It radiates Love Energy and teaches Love is its own reward. It’s message is a simple one, Choose Love It’s the only thing to do. It is a wonderful stone to help with relationships. It opens your whole heart.

Hiddenite also connects One with Higher Realms and allows for the transfer of knowledge. It links our Hearts and Minds and supports new beginnings.

If you are Open to Loving Energy, I highly recommend taking a piece of Hiddenite Home with you 🙂 Spread Love ❤


Written by Karee (Mystic Moons Employee)

Photo; internet source


Crystal Bibles 1-3 by Judy Hall

Pocket Book of stones by Robert Simmons

Enc. Of Gemstones by Melody


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~Andalusite~ Stone of the Week!

eb24b5fa2f428e05a3de2ee31fafdd054e3c088cKey Words: Cleansing, Comforting, Protective, Friendly

Chakras: Root, Third Eye

Element: Storm

Physical: Acts as an overall strengthener of One’s constitution

Emotional: Provides Replenishment of the Emotional Body, Psychic Protection

Spiritual: Provides Connection with Devine Realms, Protection of One’s Energy Field

Also know as Chiastolite, Andalusite is a powerful protective stone. Used in Ancient time to ward off Evil. A creative stone with the power to dispel negative thoughts and emotions. From conflict it brings us harmony. It offers psychic protection, grounding, and infusion of Life Force, and a sense of Contentment and Wellbeing.

Andalusite is a friendly stone which connects us with Mother Earth, bringing great comfort and stability. It aids in overcoming loneliness, depression, isolation, anxiety and fears.

It is also a Gateway stone, helping those who are in transition; any transition but most especially the one between this life and the next. It helps with problem solving and can provide answers to many of Life’s Great Mysteries.

This stone is also referred to as “Cross Stone” because of its natural cross shape that appears in the stone.


Written by Karee (Mystic Moons Employee)

Photo; internet source


Crystal Bibles 1-3 by Judy Hall

Pocket Book of stones by Robert Simmons

Enc. Of Gemstones by Melody

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