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~Andalusite~ Stone of the Week!

Key Words: Cleansing, Comforting, Protective, Friendly Chakras: Root, Third Eye Element: Storm Physical: Acts as an overall strengthener of One’s constitution Emotional: Provides Replenishment of the Emotional Body, Psychic Protection Spiritual: Provides Connection with Devine Realms, Protection of One’s Energy … Continue reading


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~Fire Agate~ Stone of the Week!

Key Words: Vitality, Sexuality, Creativity, Will Chakras: Root, Sexual/Creative, Solar Plexus Element: Fire Physical: Stimulates Youthful Energy, Sexual Organs, Digestion, Bowels Emotional: Intensifies Emotions, Increases Passion, Enhances Sexual Attraction Spiritual: Revitalizes Spiritual and Physical Energies, Inspires Creativity Agates as a … Continue reading

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~The God Year~ Book of the Month!

by Nigel Pennick & Helen Field A celebration of the Sacred Male throughout the Pagan year, dealing with the cycle of the year through the medium of its sacred association with divinity, in this case the Gods of Northern European, … Continue reading

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~Black Obsidian~ Stone of the Week!

Key Words: Psychic Protection, Grounding, Cleansing of Negativity, Spirit Communication Chakras:┬áRoot Element: Earth Physical: Aids in Healing Issues caused by Unprocessed Shadow Material Emotional: Helps Dispel Self-Judgment and Self-Sabotage Spiritual: Facilitates Psychic Cleansing, Grounding, Protection, Spirit Communication Black Obsidian is … Continue reading

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