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~Malachite~ Stone of the Week!

Key Words: Enlightened Leadership, Creativity, Confidence, Protection, A Healed Heart Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart Element: Fire Physical: Increases Vitality, Supports Tissue Repair and recovery from illness, Recommended for Inflammation, Arthritis, Digestion, Detoxification Emotional: Aids in Building Self Confidence and Emotional Clarity … Continue reading


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~Blue Lace Agate~ Stone of the Week!

Key Words: Communication, Clarity, Confidence Chakras: Throat Element: Water Physical: Supports Healing of Sore Throat, Laryngitis, Thyroid Problems, Speech Impediments Emotional: Calms the Emotional Body, Aids Confidence in Communication,  Helpful for Releasing negative habits of Interaction and Speech Spiritual: Helps One Communicate … Continue reading

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~Sunstone~ Stone of the Week!

Key Words: Leadership, Benevolence, Strength, Abundance of Blessings,                      Enlightened Male Energy Chakras: Sexual/Creative, Solar Plexus Element: Fire Physical: Warms the Body, Increases Metabolism, Digestion and Vitality,                  Supports Endocrine and Reproductive Systems Emotional: Encourages a Positive Benevolent Attitude, Overcomes … Continue reading

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~Past Life Dreamwork~ Book of the Month!

Healing the Soul through, Understanding Karmic Patterns by Sabine Lucas, Ph.D. In Past Life Dreamwork, Sabine Lucas examines “soul bloodlines” — character traits, talents, and life issues that are the common elements and circumstances of successive past lives. Found threaded through our dreams, … Continue reading

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