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~Moonstone~ Stone of the Week!

   Keywords: Mystery, Self Discovery, Intuition, Dreams, The Goddess Chakras: Third Eye, Crown Element: Wind Physical: Aids women in comfortable regulation of menstrual cycle Emotional: Encourages Forbearance, Calmness, Patience, Inner Tranquility Spiritual: Stimulates Inner Reflection, Attunement with Devine Feminine      … Continue reading

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~Amazonite~ Stone of the Week!

Key Words: Truth, Communication, Harmony Chakras: Heart, Throat Element: Water Physical: Aids Cellular Regeneration, Healing from Trauma, Gout, Arthritis Emotional: Facilitates releasing fear of Judgment or Conflict, Finding Inner Freedom Spiritual: Receiving and Communicating Higher Knowledge, Speaking Truth            Amazonite … Continue reading

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~Egyptian Paganism~ Book of the Month!

The Essential Introductory Guide to Egyptian Magic, Myth, and Ritual Bring the sacred rights and rituals of ancient Egypt into your Pagan practice today. This beautifully written guide, by noted scholars Jocelyn Almond and Keith Seddon, presents a compelling overview … Continue reading

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~Himalayan Salt Lamps~ Stone of the Week!

Himalayan Salt Lamps are both beautiful and also very healthy to be around. Known as natures ionizer’s, they release negative ions into the air and not only improve the atmosphere in any room but also improve its air quality. Ever go outside after a … Continue reading

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