~Raspberry~ Herb of the Week!

raspberriesA little food for thought;  Raspberry owes Its Latin name, Rubus idaeus, to an old legend of the gods. When baby Zeus was crying, his nursemaid Ida searched for berries to calm him. All believed that raspberries were white, but when Ida pricked her finger on a raspberry bush, her blood turned the berries red. Hence “rubus” means red, and “ida” was the one responsible. (a little fun fact)

Gender; Feminine

Planet; Venus

Element; Water

Powers; Protection, love

In Ancient folk magic the branches of the Raspberry were hung from the doors and windows of the home to unsure protection. The same was done when a death occurred so that the spirit of the deceased did not re-enter the home once it left.

Once used in love spells, Raspberry leaf was used in child birth and was carried by pregnant woman to alleviate pains of the pregnancy.


Raspberry leaf tea can also be drank to lower high blood sugar.


Please consult your doctor before consuming


Written by: Lady Rose


Internet source

Scott Cunningham


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