“Coming out” of the Magical Broom Closet!

Do you remember when you first embarked on your Pagan path? How exciting it was to feel the Earth in a different way. How exhilarating the pulse of nature was around you. Do you remember wanting to shout at the top of your lunges that you are Pagan?  And then all of sudden your world halted because a great fear came over you. Your mind quickly went to “what will people say and think of me, if I tell them?” For many of us wanting to be heard, it has come easy, but for many many people it is a struggle for them everyday.

“How did you, come out of the magical broom closet?” is a question I get asked a fare amount at the shop (Mystic Moons) and is one that is never easy to give a straight answer too. As I am a very strong willed personality. Not everyone functions exactly the same as their neighbor and some things that some find extremely easy others find crippling. And yet it can be hard to understand “why”. Judgement from our peers can be great if not understood as to why people think and act the way they do regarding their path. To some it can look like they are only weekend Pagans and they are ashamed of who they are. However in my personal experience with those around me that is not always the case. The fear of “acceptance” is great, and is normally brought on by pressures, like family, work places, society ect. People feel the need to please other before themselves and that can cause illness, depression or not wanting to interact with others (just to name a few). For the most part this is why lots of Pagans revert to online interaction only. It takes the immediate fear away.

In my opinion this is very much a personal decision. People have their reasons whatever they may be to stay hidden or to not want to talk about it. Personally I live this path open and honest, but there was time I was hidden for survival. I have told my story to many, what I went through as a young child the abuse and the Religious abuse. However I see it as it has made me who I am today. It fueled my passion to learn more and to become more then what society thought I needed to be. When I came out to my family, I did get back lash I did get ridiculed and told it was a phase, well, here we are 17 years later I own my shop, I have my own Coven, and I teach and I help anyone who seeks. Did I loose family members and friends of course I did, did it hurt of course it did. But I soon realized that it wasn’t my problem to carry that they were the ones with the problem. They didn’t want to continue to see me for me and all they could see was a label.

What really helped me personally was “COMMUNITY” finding like minded people to share and experience things with. Finding people who for the most part didn’t judge me. And let’s face it we are human we all judge. However in my experience for those who judge its because they don’t understand. Take it with a grain of salt and keep moving forward to the goals you have set for yourself and your path.

If you are wishing to “come out” and are scared to, don’t forget you have a “community” that will embrace you for who you are. Don’t be shy get to know them. You will find people who you mesh very well with and you will find people whom you may not. Trial and error.

You have it within yourself to manifest whatever your hearts desire. You have the right to be who you are, without the added pressure of “Coming out”, if this is a goal then start manifesting it.  Learn as much as you can, so that you can define who you are as an individual and what you believe to be true to your heart.  Look at who you may be pleasing and ask yourself “Am I pleasing me?” if your not, its great time to create goals to grow and become more who you want to be not what other want you to be. Seek out spiritual guidance from those around you. Talk to people and find out what they did so that it can give you inspiration.

We all started from somewhere we had similar experiences and we all need to support each whatever decisions we make. But be proud of who you are and what accomplishments you have experienced and don’t allow whatever pressures that come your way take that away from you.

“Coming out”, of the Magical Broom closet! is not for everyone and should be treated with respect of that person’s wishes and reason’s. They should be supported and encouraged to grow and experience in their own way.  That’s where we as a community need to understand and support the bigger picture.

At the end of the day, is it important to “Come Out” of the Magical Broom Closet? The answer is entirely up to the person. If you feel the nag at your heart that you wish to live free from fear and free from explanation, then shout it aloud and be free! But on your terms and in your own way.

Until we meet again, Blessings Lady Rose @–{–


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  1. Jocelyne says:

    Thank you 🙂 I needed that

    Blessed Be

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