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Rainbow Moonstone

Key Words: Optimism, Vitality, Inner Peace, Body of Light Chakras: All Element: Wind Physical: Supports the Body in Overcoming Fatigue from Depression Emotional: Inspires Enthusiasm, Self-Appreciation, Joy Spiritual: Stimulates Awakening of the Rainbow Body of Light   Rainbow Moonstone is … Continue reading


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~Garnet~ Stone of the Week!

Key Words: Regenerating, Love and Devotion, Serenity, Passion Chakras: Base, Crown Element: Earth Physical: Regenerates the Body, Stimulates the Metabolism Emotional: Calming Stable Vitality, Balances and Protects Spiritual: Links to Pituitary Gland and Stimulates Expanded Awareness, Past Life Recall Garnet … Continue reading

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~Himalayan Salt Lamps~ Stone of the Week!

Himalayan Salt Lamps are both beautiful and also very healthy to be around. Known as natures ionizer’s, they release negative ions into the air and not only improve the atmosphere in any room but also improve its air quality. Ever go outside after a … Continue reading

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