Rough v Polished

       People RGS100often ask us here at the shop, “Which are better, tumbled/polished crystals or raw/rough ones?” In my opinion, they are equal, though they do have obvious differences that could make one better suited to your personal needs. Do you want to carry it with you, wear it as jewelry, or simply place it on your mantle at home? I will do my best to explain the differences and the similarities of these two options here 🙂
            First of all, the polishing process. Here is a link to a YouTube video (one of many) that shows how most stones are tumbled. Art of Stone Tumbling & Polishing
         Basically one would mimic what mother nature does every day. Naturally polished stones are all over our beaches and are simply created when the tides come in and out, tumbling the stones over each other along with gritty sand and such.
          Some softer stones need a more delicate process, and some, such as Malachite, are highly toxic and are only available in polished form. If you ever decide to try tumbling your own stones, please do your research and be sure that you are being safe. Even non toxic stone dust is not something you would want to inhale. Be Safe 🙂
          Polished stones have some obvious conveniences, such as portability. They can easily be carried around in pockets or even bras, Yes many Women do this, or used as worry stones (a smooth stone you would rub between your fingers to help calm your mind, emotions, and to ground yourself).
         Rough stones work better for Gem Water, a process in which you would place stones into water, leave them for a time and then drink said water in order to absorb those stones energies. The same can be done with polished stones, only you would place them next to your water, and not into it. This is also how you would use a toxic or more delicate stone to charge your water. Again, if you decide to try this process, do your research. Some stones, such as selenite, are highly toxic and would make you very ill if you were to consume any part of them.
Check out the book Gem Water for more details on making your own. For sale here at the shop 😉
          One of the biggest differences between Rough v Polished is that a good portion of the Polished stones you purchase from any shop have a chemical coat on them. The shinier and prettier the stone the more chemical they had to use to get the stone Polished. While there are some stones that their natural beauty comes out when you Polish them and they do not need any help from man to enhance their features. Where as a Rough stone is untouched from which it came. Some of them are not especially pleasing to look at and for this some people go to the Polished. This is why its very important to do your research before drinking any gem water that is made with tumbled and rough stones.
          So the real question is, does this process alter the stones at an energetic level? I personally do not believe that it does, however others have stated that they can access the energy more easily from a rough stone. Other’s may argue that stones are more beautiful in their natural state. Beauty, of course, is a personal opinion. I, as many do, find both rough and polished stones beautiful, each in their own unique way.
           I have many of each type of stone in my collection, as well as clusters and jewelry. I carry some with me most days, and use them at home to meditate. Crystals are a wonderful, beautiful and simple way to bring powerful energies into your life. Do yourself a favour, and pick up a crystal, spend some time with it, and let it improve your life.
          At the end of the day, if the stone be it Rough or Polished will pick you and you it, as it will call to you in the time that it is needed. You be the judge on which is better suited for you, as it is different for everyone.
Written by Karee (Mystic Moons)
Edited by; Sarah Lady Rose
Photo’s; Internet Source

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