~The God Year~ Book of the Month!

by Nigel Pennick & Helen Field

A celebration of the Sacred Male throughout the Pagan year, dealing with the cycle of the year through the medium of its sacred association with divinity, in this case the Gods of Northern European, Roman, Greek and Egyptian tradition.

In contemporary Pagan practice, the traditional year relates spiritual qualities to their corresponding times and each of these times is commemorated by a festival or observance.

Each Festival is ruled over by an appropriate corresponding Goddess and/or God.

The rich symbolic system of the Pagan Gods has continued in its entirety up to the present day.


Review from Lady Rose  – So often we concentrate solely on the Goddess worship in our craft lives and forget the God in our lives.  This book brings out the knowledge and wisdom in which we seek through the God to understand him in his many ways and forms.  Understanding and working with the male within us is very important in our lives for balance.

Nigel Pennick is a fantastic author and a must to have on your shelf.

 Until we meet again @–{–


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