~Spirit Quartz~ Stone of the Week!

2553012ac014881191b7cd582241a768Key Words: Merging with Higher Self, Purification, Protection, Spiritual Evolution, Freedom from Fear

Chakras: Crown, Solar Plexus

Element: Storm

Physical: Shields Etheric Body, Keeps Negative Energy from Causing Disease

Emotional: Cleanses the Emotional Body, Instills Inner Peace

Spiritual: Links One with the Higher Self, Strengthens Will

Spirit Quartz is a unique form of Quartz. It forms into candle shaped clusters of crystal points. Though it can come in many Quartz Forms, It is most commonly found in Amethyst and Citrine Form. As its name implies, Spirit Quartz is an exceptional Spiritual Stone. It strongly connects One’s Physical self with One’s Higher self, allowing the latter to influence One’s life for the better. It instills patience and aids in overcoming obsessive behavior. It brings a gentle psychological, mental and emotional detox.

Spirit Quartz facilitates Out of Body experiences, assists in the Ascension Process, activates the Light Body, and facilitates Multidimensional, Spiritual and Cellular Healing. It aids in Metaphysical Work, especially reframing of the past. It carries with it the Energy of Universal Love.

Spirit Quartz in Amethyst form works from the Crown and Upper Crown Chakras. It is very cleansing to One’s Aura and dispels negative attachments, entities and repairs One’s Etheric Body. The Amethyst form is also very helpful to those at the end of their physical journey. It guides One’s Soul Home, and helps bring comfort to those left behind.  The beautiful purple color also brings with it passion, imagination, emotion and logic.

Spirit Quartz in Citrine form works from the Solar Plexus Chakra. It aids One in directing One’s life from a place of Personal Power. It purifies intent and is useful in attaining True Abundance, while releasing attachments to the material. A very useful stone in business as it harmonizes group efforts, focusing group energies on a common goal. It is very helpful in conflict resolution, seeking and/or granting forgiveness. This vibrant Golden color brings with it a reminder of Life’s Simple Pleasures, Cheerfulness, Contentment, Enthusiasm and Success.


Written by Karee (Mystic Moons Employee)

Photo; internet source


Crystal Bibles 1-3 by Judy Hall

Pocket Book of stones by Robert Simmons

Enc. Of Gemstones by Melody


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