~Sodalite~ Stone of the Week!

IMG_0831Key Words: Access to Subconscious and Intuitive Abilities, Enhances Insight
                   and Mental Performance, Deepens Intuition
Chakras: Third Eye
Element: Wind
Physical: Supports Maintenance of Healthy Blood Pressure and Hydration
Emotional: Aids One’s Insight, Allowing Understanding of Emotional Issues
Spiritual: Conjoins Mental Acuity and Psychic Ability for Wider Awareness
           Sodalite is a stone of insight. It enhances one’s power of analysis, intuition, observation and creativity. It is an ‘Eye Opener’ and allows one to assess one’s true motivations, strengths, weaknesses, desires, gifts and destiny. It also opens ones mind, allowing one to notice all the connections within one’s life and path. It is known to spark “Aha” moments.
        Sodalite unites the left and right sides of the brain, combining logic with intuition to better understand the information being sent from one’s higher self. It balances ones emotions and calms panic attacks. It aids One in freeing oneself from old ideas, over sensitivity and defensive behaviours. Thus allowing one to release fears, guilt or anything else that may be holding one back from achieving ones goals and becoming your True Self.
       Sodalite encourages trust, companionship and solidarity making it a very useful stone for use in Groups. It is also very helpful to Astrologers, Numerologists, Tarot Readers and other oracles. A great addition to anyone’s collection 🙂

Written by Karee (Mystic Moons Employee)

Photo designed & taken by; Lady Rose


Crystal Bibles 1-3 by Judy Hall

Pocket Book of stones by Robert Simmons

Enc. Of Gemstones by Melody


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