~Amazonite~ Stone of the Week!

IMG_0821Key Words: Truth, Communication, Harmony
Chakras: Heart, Throat
Element: Water
Physical: Aids Cellular Regeneration, Healing from Trauma, Gout, Arthritis
Emotional: Facilitates releasing fear of Judgment or Conflict, Finding Inner Freedom
Spiritual: Receiving and Communicating Higher Knowledge, Speaking Truth
           Amazonite is a stone of harmony, within oneself and with others. A stone of Truth and Peace, it assists one in expressing one’s true thoughts and feelings. One can trust the Truths revealed by Amazonite during Dreams, Visions and Meditation.
           Amazonite allows one to see both sides of any issue or conflict. A very soothing stone. It calms the mind and nervous system, balances one’s Physical and Etheric bodies and one’s Male and Female energies. It heals emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear, and dispels negative energy.
           Amazonite is a magnifier of our intentions, dreams and desires. It encourages one to ‘Speak’ one’s desires aloud and aids in bringing about their manifestation by connecting ones Heart (Desire) and Throat (Action)

Written by Karee (Mystic Moons Employee)

Photo designed & taken by; Lady Rose


Crystal Bibles 1-3 by Judy Hall

Pocket Book of stones by Robert Simmons

Enc. Of Gemstones by Melody


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