~Egyptian Paganism~ Book of the Month!

The Essentithal Introductory Guide to Egyptian Magic, Myth, and Ritual

Bring the sacred rights and rituals of ancient Egypt into your Pagan practice today. This beautifully written guide, by noted scholars Jocelyn Almond and Keith Seddon, presents a compelling overview of ancient Egyptian religious and magical beliefs.

   Egyptian Paganism is unique in its focus on specific rituals for individual Gods and Goddesses. For solitary practitioners who want to perform daily devotions, it offers genuine invocations and prayers for each of the main Egyptian deities. There are translations of authentic religious texts, along with insightful commentary on relevant Egyptian history, myth and lore.

Also included in this comprehensive guidebook are practical instructions on how to cast a circle, make a shrine, consecrate statues and channel oracles. The reader will learn how to safely evoke entities, invoke deities, and “assume the godform”-a major tenet of ancient Egyptian religion.

Jocelyn Almond, Ph.D., and Keith Seddon, Ph.D.(London, England) are a married couple with teaching experience in academic philosophy, humanities, and New Age studies. Both are members of the Fellowship of Isis, where Jocelyn is an Archpriestess-Hierophant. Together they have written four books about the Tarot and Egyptian Paganism.


Review from Lady Rose  – The very first book that lead me on my way to discovering the world of Egyptian Paganism & Heka. This book is an excellent foundation for those seeking to connect with the Kemetic Gods outside of Wicca and other Religious modalities. Getting into basic myths, rituals, devotions, excerpts from the book of the dead regarding spell work and more, this book is chalked full of wonderful info waiting to be learned.

    This is one of the only books of its kind on the market today, and if you are looking to further your personal education in Egyptian Paganism this is a book I would recommend be on your shelf. It’s not hard to read, it’s clear and well written. Jocelyn and her Husband Keith have really mastered their abilities to teach abroad and help those who are looking.

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