~Himalayan Salt Lamps~ Stone of the Week!

Hisalt-lamp1malayan Salt Lamps are both beautiful and also very healthy to be around. Known as natures ionizer’s, they release negative ions into the air and not only improve the atmosphere in any room but also improve its air quality. Ever go outside after a big electrical storm and just breath in all the negative ions? I have many times and can only describe it as getting your battery recharged. Try it:)
       Salt has many spiritual properties, used for protection, dispelling negativity, purifying the body and home. It can also be used to increase one’s clairvoyance, releasing old attachments, grounding and centering.
       Himalayan Salt Lamps bring balance back to a room, and have been shown to help with many health issues caused by an overabundance of positive ions. We are exposed daily to many sources of positive ions, TV, Computers, Cell Phones, Microwaves, just to name a few. When your environment is too full of positive ions it can cause headaches, restlessness, anxiety, respiratory issues etc…These electronic devices bring convenience and entertainment to our lives, but at what cost. Adding a salt lamp to your environment can help return it to a state of balance and help clear away those issues.
       Beautiful and Powerful these Salt lamps are a wonderful addition to any home or office. Come check them out here at the shop 🙂

Written by Karee (Mystic Moons Employee)




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