~The Goodly Spellbook~ Book of the Month!

9781454913924M Olde Spells for Modern Problems
by Dixie Deerman (Lady Passion) & Steven Rasmussen (*Diuvei)
The Goodly Spellbook traces the history of magic and teaches you how to create spells for your own needs and circumstances. Relying on ancient tried-and-true materials as well as on the author’ real-life experiences and anecdotes, this book details global Craft history, teaches hands on magical techniques, and provides ancient and modern spells.
                 “The Goodly Spellbook powerfully expresses the beauty, joy, and potency of spellcraft. Lady Passion and *Diuvei have lovingly crafted an elegant and wide ranging collection of traditional and modern spells. With information for novice and adept alike, [it] is a valuable addition to any magical library.”
         – Judika Illes, author of The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells and
        The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft


Review from Lady Rose  – This book was originally gifted to me several years ago by a dear friend. And has become a great asset to inspiring some wonderful spells. The book is broken down into 3 parts;        1) Scope – Teaches history, magic and more     2) Skills – Show you everything from correspondence, divination, the power of words, magic of counting, singing, movements and more.   3) Spells – this sections gives you some of the most wonderful inspirations for all types of different spells for everyday use.

Not many books give a details break down to the 3 things listed above and that’s why in my personal opinion this is a book that every Witch who does spell work should have. It takes a realistic approach to our Modern times using old Technology to make it personal.

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