~Amegreen~ Stone of the Week!

Key Words: Mind/Heart Integration, Spiritual Connection, Compassion, Psychic Ability, Emotional Healing
Chakras: Heart, Crown, Etheric
Element: Earth, Wind
Physical: Supports Overall Healing, Recovery from Injury, Is Beneficial to the Heart
Emotional: Releasing Emotional Wounds, Learning to Trust and Love
Spiritual: Facilitates Connection with Devine Love
            Amegreen is the combination of Amethyst and Prasiolite or Purple and Green Amethyst if you prefer. Because of Amegreen’s combination, it pulls together ones Mind and Heart. This helps one heal past wounds, ease depression and sorrow; clearing the way for Creativity and Inspiration. The possibilities of one’s life are limitless once you get your Mind & Heart in true synchronicity.
            The Amethyst within Amegreen connects one to the higher Chakras, to a higher level of consciousness. The Prasiolite pulls this higher frequency of energy down into one’s heart and solar plexus, grounding it within. The White Quartz connecting them brings with it Devine Energy. Amegreen can also aid in Enhancing ones Psychic Abilities, Clairvoyance and Intuition, then it gives one the Willpower to Use these new skills.
            I discovered Amegreen recently here at the shop, and now carry it with me most days. Amegreen is one of several stones we use in our new “Creativity Stone Kit”. Because of it’s ability to connect the Mind and Heart, where Productivity and Creativity reside, it is a great stone to use when one needs a bit of a Creative Kick in the A$$ 🙂


Written by Karee (Mystic Moons Employee)

Photo taken by; Lady Rose


Crystal Bibles 1-3 by Judy Hall

Pocket Book of stones by Robert Simmons

Enc. Of Gemstones by Melody


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