~The Witch’s Moon~ Book of the Month

0738733830The Witch’s Moon

A Collection of Lunar Magick and Rituals

by Edain McCoy


Moon Magick for all Seasons

Harness the power of the moon during ALL its phases. Complete with

spells, rituals, recipes, and lore, no other book provides this much in-depth material on the esbats and the Moon’s unique magickal potential:

Work with the waxing or waning Moon, the Full or New

Moons, and the moonrise and moonset

Choose from many creative and fun ideas for holding

your own lunar celebrations

Discover herbal recipes and step-by step instructions

for several magical applications

Use a complete system of advanced magick techniques

utilizing moon tides, lunar mirrors, visualizations, etc.

The perfect teacher to show how to work with the energy of the Moon, Edain McCoy speaks directly to you, no matter what phase of life you’re in and no matter what your specific needs are. The Witch’s Moon casts a bright, silvery glow over the many ways that this centuries old magick can benefit you every day – starting now!

Edain McCoy (Midwest) has beenan active part of the Pagan community for nearly three decades. She is the author of over twenty books on Witchcraft and Occultism.

Visit her online at EdainMccoy.com

Review from Lady Rose

Considered a Classic piece of literature. This book was out of print for sometime and brought back just over a year ago. Witch’s Moon contains Rituals for each Esbat, recipes, and information on meditations and more. Would highly recommend this for anyone in the craft to have on their book case.

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