~Irish Moss~ Herb of the Week!

irishmoss-1024x768Gender; Feminine

Planet; Moon

Element; Water

Powers; Money, Luck, Protection


In old folk magic, Irish Moss was carried or placed under the rugs of the home to increase luck and bring continued  and a steady flow of money into the house or to the person in whom was carrying the Moss.

To continue in folk magic, this herb was also carried while on trips for protection & safety.

In the herbal world Irish Moss actually isn’t Moss at all. It is called “the moss of the rocks” in Ireland and this is because the seaweed is found clinging to the submerged rocks around the shores of Ireland, Canada and a few other places.

Medically Irish Moss, can help with many respiratory problems such as bronchitis, and pneumonia.

Please consult your doctor before consuming.


Written & prepared by; Lady Rose

References; Scott Cunningham & and internet sources.


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