~Red Clover~ Herb of the Week!


Gender; Masculine

Planet; Mercury

Element; Air

Deity; Rowen

Powers; Protection, money, love, fidelity, exorcism, success.


Magical Uses; Often used when seeking love or good luck, red clover can also be used in blessings for pets and livestock and seeking good fortune in financial arrangements. Used in all magical purposes it is said to be used in consecrations


Red Clover is also used in an infusion which is sprinkled to remove negative Spirits.


In traditional folk magic clover placed on the right breast is said to bring success to the wearer in all undertakings. And if disappointed in love, wear clover near your heart in a piece of blue silk to help you through.

Consult your doctor before consuming.


Prepared by; Lady Rose


Enc. of Magical Herbs Scott Cunningham

Master Herbal; Paul Beryl


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