~Ostara/Spring Equinox~


What is Ostara?

Known as 1 of the 8 Pagan Sabbats in the Wheel of the Year. And having its deep roots in Germanic Culture, Ostara also known as Eostre is the Germanic Virgin Goddess of Spring. She is the Goddess of growth and fertility. Her most sacred symbols are the Full Moon, the Rabbit (Hare)(the rabbit wanting to please the Goddess so much so that it laid eggs in her honor), and Eggs(symbols of new life, it was carried in ancient times as amulets of fertility). In ancient times after the Full Moon in March the Saxon folk would pay honor to this sacred Goddess of Spring with festivals and feasts.

To many we also know this day as the first day of Spring and or the Spring Equinox, and others may know this day to be called Eostre Day or Lady’s Day. It is a time of the year were the light and dark of the day are equal and balanced in the Northern Hemisphere.

Many other Pagan Paths have incorporated Ostara into their practise such as Celtic, Greek, Roman ect.  The Christians have even incorporated it into their beliefs but it is known as Easter to those who practise that faith.


How does one celebrate Ostara?

There are many ways you can honor Ostara, here are just a few ways you can celebrate this Sabbat. Egg decorating, egg hunts are great Children activities, followed with stories of the Gods associated with this time of year. Bury the Eggs once decorated as an ongoing fertility for your land and gardens, or if a female wishes to become pregnant. Sowing some of the seeds for your gardens is another great way to honor and celebrate the Spring Equinox, by Blessing and Planting them at this time you are connecting the energy of this time into the items you wish to grow.

What we observe here on the East Coast of Canada at this time of year, the buds are starting to pop up on all the trees and bushes as they get ready to bloom in the next while. Robbins have started to make their presents known, the days are warming and the evenings are still chilled. Maple Syrup is running and the sugar camps are open. Snow still graces the Earth in most of the regions and underneath the spring flowers are starting to peak through. You can also find many animals starting to roam more and some are starting to awaken after a long sleep and will be looking for locations for food sources and shelters.


Written by Lady Rose


Edain McCoy – Ostara


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