~Rose~ Herb of the Week!


Gender: Feminine / Planet:Venus / Element: Water / Associated deities: Venus, Hathor, Hulda, Demeter, Isis, Eros, Cupid, Adonis, Aurora / Part used: Flower, hips / Basic Powers: love, Fertility, Clairvoyance, Healing, Divination, protection

Magical uses- Roses have long been used in love mixtures, owing to the flower’s  association s with the emotions. A chaplet of roses worn when performing love spells (remove the thorns), or a single rose in a vase on the alter, are powerful love-magic aids. Rose water distilled from the pedals is added to love baths. Rose hips (the fruit of the Rose) are strung and worn as love-attracting beads. A tea of rosebuds drunk before sleep induces prophetic dreams. To discover their romantic future, women used to take three green rose leaves and name each for one of their lovers. The one that stayed green the longest answered the question of “which one?”

Rose petals and hips are also used in healing spells and mixtures, and a rosewater saturated cloth laid to the temples will relieve headache pain. Roses are also added to fast-luck mixtures and, when carried, act as personal protectants. Rose petals sprinkled around the house calms personal stress and household upheavals. Roses planted in the garden attract fairies, and are said to grow best when stolen(but I wouldn’t advise it).

Roses are sacred to Aphrodite, Goddess of love and represent beauty which is capable of winning over evil and adversities. A Rose is also a symbol of secrecy, and was once suspended from the center of the ceiling at important meetings of confidence, that none would break the trust. If you have a magical stock of Rose petals, the appropriate stone to keep with them would be an emerald. The oil of Rose is the best herbal mixture you might find to consecrate the emerald with.

When meditating, anointing the heart chakra with Rose oil is a means of learning the manifestation of love, and the perfect balance to be kept within the world when giving love to all humanity. Roses bring with them the ability to learn the balance of giving, how to do so selflessly, and to take joy in the process, rather than expecting a return. they represent all aspects of the Goddess, the ability to love and nurture, and to see beauty in all things.

In Tarot, the Rose represents the seven of cups.

Midsummer- Decorate with red Roses. You may use red Rose pedals in your incense and to bless the circle.


Please consult a Physician before use or consuming


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Magical Herbalism, Scott Cunningham

Encyclopedia of Magical herbs, Scott Cunningham

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