~Mandrake~ Herb of the Week!


Gender: Masculine / Planet: Mercury / Element: Earth, Fire / Associated Deities: Hecate and Hathor / Parts used: Root /

Basic Powers: Protection, Fertility, Money, Love and Health.


Specific uses – Place in a home as a powerful protective charm. Women carry the root to help them conceive. But as true Mandrake is exceedingly rare the roots of the Bryony or Ash are a good substitutes. In America, the May Apple is considered a fair replacement for the Mandrake, and is often called American Mandrake. Small bits of the genuine root, which are occasionally available in herb stores, are added to sachets for protection. The root is carried by men who wish to cure their impotency. Both type of Mandrake, when available whole, are placed on the altar and the hearth as protective devices.

Magical uses – A whole Mandrake root, placed on the mantel in the home, will give the house the protection, fertility, and prosperity. Mandrake is also hung on the headboard for protection during sleep. Carried to attract love and also worn to prevent contraction of illness. Where there is Mandrake, demons cannot reside, and so the root is used in exorcism. It is said to have also been used in image magic.

Lore – Perhaps few other herbs have attracted as much lore as the Mandrake, and that most likely due to the bizarre nature as quoted by Grieve. Mandrakes have long been associated with all forms of magic. It has often been carved into amulets and mixed into potions.

Remedial – The leaves are sometimes collected and made into ointments, poultices, and other external applications in the treatment of ulcerations of the skin, infected wounds, and the like.

Poison – do not consume


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Magical Herbalism, Scott Cunningham

Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs, Scott Cunningham

The Magical Book of Herbalism, Paul Beyerl

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